welcome to KidsEngaged

So I am excited you stopped by my blog. it’s going to be an exciting journey as I share with you ways to teach your kids to read and keep them meaningfully engaged. 

Let’s begin with talking a bit about kids.

They are the most beautiful of God’s creatures ( definitely). they are cute, charming, innocent and also filled with seemingly inexhaustible energy!

They can keep you on your toes all day. as a parent, caregiver, nanny or teacher, you can channel all that energy into productive activities.

I am going to be sharing some ways you can achieve that. I am also going to be giving you tips on teaching your kids to read from age 2.

In reality every one wants their kids to be able to read. Once the toddler starts speaking that’s the next eagerly expected milestone. We will be talking about that too. so keep a date with us here on KidsEngaged.

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