The do’s in boosting your Child’s brain power

In the previous post we looked at some of the don’ts. Let’s go straight into the do’s

  • Give your children healthy food. Start young to train them to enjoy the taste of simple meals, fruits and vegetables.
  • Encourage them to exercise Thier brains with age appropriate activities. Puzzles are great fun and good for the brain. They must be age appropriate though.
  • Spend time with them and let them watch you carry out everyday tasks.
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  • Encourage them to participate in chores and activities that they are able to do. And as Thier strength and skill increases give them independent tasks that they are accountable for.
  • Let your children know you love them not just through actions but tell them so everyday. It improves Thier mental health.
  • Protect your children from physical and mental abuse. Ensure that Thier play and learning environment is free from predators. Go the extra mile to be 100 percent certain your kids are safe. Especially if you are a working parent.
  • Instructional materials and educational toys are great in improving brain power. As much as you can afford purchase them or create your own.

” Children are not things to be molded, but are people to be unfolded”

Jess Lair

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