School of Empathy

Over and over again, we have heard the saying, ” Charity begins at home”. Indeed the home greatly influences the character and overall disposition of children and youth.

Often society laments the poor values and shallow characters of the younger generation. Almost everywhere one turns, there are dreadful occurences that are a product of and testament to a failed value system.

Humanity seems to be less humane than animals. This state of affairs begs the questions, “Can anything be done to reinstate morality in society, especially amongst the young?” “If yes, what can be done?”

Well I certainly do not know all that can be done, but i do know a few things that can’t be done.

In all we do, one thing is certain, we must strive to raise children that will do the right thing, children that will act with integrity.

Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching

C S Lewis

Parents and guardians, you can now take actions that will build your children and wards into commendable members of society, beginning now.

Remember, a stitch in time saves nine, (and I would like to add), and a whole lot of stress. We will be exploring a few of these “actions” or “stitches” as you may call them, beginning with, training in the school of empathy.

Children and humans in general, naturally tend to be self – centered or self – absorbed. This feeling in turn feeds most unwholesome behaviors. to combat this, empathy – identification with or understanding the thoughts and feelings of others, must be taught and encouraged.

Practical ways to engage in this training involves

1. Teaching children how to rightly express their feelings and opinions, verbally, in writing, through art etc, acknowledging these feelings and opinions,.

2. Guiding them to let go of wrong opinions.

3. Showing them their need to consider the feelings and opinions of others. As children see you acknowledging their feelings and opinions, they learn to do so with others.

4. Encouraging children and youth to participate in charitable activities and ventures such as donation of toys, food, clothing to other children further improves in them the attitude of empathy. children are never too small to offer kindness and no kindness is too small to be offered.

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