Kids Engaged Reading Blueprint

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In this Video Guide, I will be showing you how I taught my son to read and how you can too without breaking the bank on monthly tutor fees. If you are an educator you will see how you can teach your students to read without all the frustrations and delay! It’s time to see results after all your labor.
  • You no longer have to pay expensive fees without results!
  • Spending as little as 1 hour a day you can teach your children from 21/2 years upward to learn to read in weeks
  • As an educator, you can get your students reading and improve your credibility and patronage.
  • You have direct access to consult me and I can coach and guide you through the process. Gain from my experience. That’s your personal tutor!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Most Frequent Questions I Get Asked, All Answered Below!

  • How early will my child start reading?
Each child is different and considering a lot of factors children learn at different paces but if followed closely this method is proven to help a child read on average between 5-6 weeks.
  • At what age should my child be for this blueprint to be of benefit to him?
Children from two and a half years upwards. When your child learns to read through it will be reading materials appropriate to his age. The earlier you start teaching your children to read the better but older children who are unable to read will also benefit greatly from following this blueprint in teaching them.
  • As a working parent, how do I use the blueprint?
Following this blueprint you just have to spend 45 minutes and we give you tips to make it easier to implement the teaching techniques. You can also ask your child’s lesson teacher to study the blueprint and use it together with you.


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