Children English Learner Laptop With 20 Activities For Learn

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Activity 1 – Learn Alphabets

Differentiate between Capital and Small Letters
Find the letter. Here the laptop speaks out a particular letter and the child needs to Identify the correct letter by punching it on the keyboard.
Activity 2 – Learn Words

Learn to spell and pronounce
Take spelling tests
Learn to identify pictures
Activity 3 – Learn Numbers

Learn the correct pronunciation and spelling of numbers
Learn to write the numbers
Numbers identification (Visual)
Number identification (verbal)
Activity 4 – Learn Musical Notes Play melodies

Play musical notes
Recognize musical notes (visual and verbal)
Activity 5 – Play Games

Catch falling objects
Find the matching pair
Star shooting
Draw a picture
Here is a computer that can be both a friend and a teacher to your child! This perfect companion can keep the child occupied in 20 different ways. It not only assists in learning new words and letters, but it also gives tests to gauge the knowledge gained.

It is a fun friend to have around, as it plays games, melodies and colors the child’s world by teaching them to draw and color.

This is the perfect blend.

  • • Perfect gift item
    • English Learner with mouse and LCD
    • 20 Activities for learn and play
    • Learning letters
    • Learning some words,
    • Learning numbers, play melody
    • Play Games
    • Battery operated

2 reviews for Children English Learner Laptop With 20 Activities For Learn

  1. Damilola

    It’s so easy to get a child usefully engaged with my this learner laptop

  2. Osaugwe

    It’s absolutely worth the cost and a better alternative to our kids watching movies all day

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