Mum Says I don’t care

This is a poem that touched me. Hope you get the message.

Mum says I don’t care

Mum says I don’t give hugs

Like the Hollywood kids do as they leave

With sweet words and passionate snugs

“I love you” “I miss you” “It’s hard to leave”

Mum says I don’t share

All the juicy stories of boys and men

The flirters, the bold, and the ones that care

My first date, my first kiss, she knows not when

Mum says I don’t care

I don’t beg for the tales of years before

I don’t sit by her bed and rub her hair

I don’t notice when her ankles are sore

But mom doesn’t see

That the years have passed she didn’t see my tears

While she worked hard, couldn’t listen to my fears

Now I’m old independent, have my circle of companions

How can I in a month learn the display of affections

Mom doesn’t know

That I’m grown now

And it’s almost too late

To relearn how to communicate

©  Adebusoye Damilola

This poem illustrates the situation in many African homes. African parents have for a long time considered the display of affection as unnecessary and they have little conversations with their children as they get to a certain age. However, these are building blocks for communication difficulties in later years.

 What would you like the future to look like between you and your kids with regards to conversations, display of affection and discipline? Start it now.

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